Cloud Reviews 360 and Resume 360  provide the practical tools
to fulfill individual and organisational needs.

The CR360 Story

Cloud Reviews 360 (CR360) fills a market need for a single online solution to link continuous professional development (CPD) and compliance with professional compliance and industry standards. In one simple, practical platform, CR360 fulfills the needs of standards and procedures review, staff professional development, continuous organisational review and industry reporting against standards. 

Resume 360 is a Resume Builder that meets jobseekers’ needs to enter information once, build multiple resumes & cover letters, create multiple job applications with ease, edit, share or print them whether individually, or in collaboration with an employment agency.

Cloud Reviews’ principal, Lindsay Holmes, has over 30 years’ experience as a national review consultant on standards, training and education systems, CPD and accreditation.  His deep appreciation of current needs and his extensive industry knowledge were focused to develop CR360’s reflective, collaborative and evidence based system to facilitate continuous professional development and to create Resume 360 as a practical and intuitive tool to help job seekers Build a Resume & “Get the Job”.  

Who’s on the team?

Lindsay Holmes

Lindsay Holmes

Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Adam Aberle

Adam Aberle

Sales & Business Development Manager

Kristi McMillan

Kristi McMillan

Marketing and Communications

Erik Praekelt

Erik Praekelt

Chief Technical Officer

Nipuna Herath

Nipuna Herath


What we believe in…



Our Vision is to provide one agile and time-saving solution to meet the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tracking, performance review and standards compliance appraisal requirements for staff and professionals in every organisation worldwide


Cloud Reviews 360 (CR360) provide intuitive web-based tools that facilitate a reflective and collaborative approach helping professionals easily manage performance reviews, career planning, and compliance



Customer Focused

Solution Driven


Responsive & Reliable

Forward thinking & proactive

Strongly protective of customers’

Privacy & Data

Value for money

Fair return on investment

Cloud Reviews 360

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